Southern Cape Organic Rooibos Teabags

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Brew the perfect pot of refreshing rooibos with this pure and natural loose leaf tea. This Southern Cape Tea Company tea is brimming with flavour, and filled with health-giving antioxidants to nourish and revive your body and mind with every sip. Unlike teabags, which are often made using the dust and fanning’s of tea leaves, loose leaf teas are less refined. They hold more of their health benefits, as without a tea bag they have more space to absorb water, expand and infuse, allowing more vitamins, minerals, flavours and aromas to be released from the leaves.

  • 20 Sachets
  • Caffeine-free
  • High antioxidant content
  • Promotes heart health
  • Promotes a clear, healthy complexion
  • Boosts the circulation
  • Contains trace minerals like magnesium & calcium
  • Distinctive & rich natural flavour

Drinking rooibos tea regularly has been shown to improve heart health, boost the circulation and even protect the brain tissue against the deterioration which can lead to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Rooibos tea is also a great remedy for digestive complaints. Because it’s 100% natural and caffeine-free, it’s safe enough for babies and helps to relieve indigestion and colic in little ones.

Did You Know? Rooibos tea contains less than half the tannins of ordinary black tea. While most black teas inhibit your body’s ability to absorb iron, a cup of rooibos actually enhances iron absorption. Just another great reason to drink delicious “red bush” tea daily.

The Southern Cape Tea Company offers a range of 100% organic, proudly South African herbal teas, grown in the Cape using only sustainable practices. The company is committed to supporting local businesses and creating strictly GMO-free products.