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If something goes wrong with your coffee machinery, you can rest assured that we are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Coffee-making equipment is serviced and repaired either on-site, or in our own workshop. If we do have to take your machine away for repairs, we will supply you with a replacement machine.
We carry a full range of spares for all the equipment that we sell.


Mix cleaning solution.
Pour into airpot and allow to soak, according to product’s directions.
Pour into next airpot and repeat.
Rinse thoroughly.
Mix cleaning solution.
Pour into urn and wash sides with a soft sponge.
Rinse urn with clear, hot water and drain.
Fill with clean water, bring to maximum temperature, and drain.
Mix cleaning detergent with cold water.
Pour mixture into brewer and run half a brew.
Allow to stand for three minutes and then complete the brew.
The used detergent mixture can be used to clean glass jugs or thermo flasks.
Do two further brews with clean cold water to rinse the brewer.
Keep your machine spotlessly clean at all times. Wipe with damp cloth.
Keep coffee holder in place at all times to ensure that it is kept at the same temperature as the showerhead. Your espresso will come out piping hot from the first cup. Keep second holder on cup warmer tray.
It is not necessary to remove used grounds from the coffee holder after making coffee as these can be removed before making the next espresso. If necessary rinse holder under shower head to remove old coffee residue. Do not rinse in cold water as this lowers the temperature of the coffee holder.

NB: Always flush steam nozzle before and after milk frothing. This gets rid of condensed water in the pipe and ensures that the holes in the nozzle remain clear.
Use the blind filter several times each day to clear the showerhead of coffee grounds. At least once a day put a teaspoon of detergent in blind filter before flushing. Rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of detergent.
Remove the showerhead regularly and clean. It is advisable to do this immediately after the machine has been installed while it is still easy to remove the screw. Do not over-tighten screw when replacing showerhead.
Soak filter holders in boiling water and detergent for 30 minutes when necessary, and then rinse with clean water. Be careful not to immerse handles.

When not in use, keep milk-frothing spout immersed in a cup of water. This prevents the milk residue from hardening and blocking the spout. Clean the spout thoroughly at the end of each day.
Remove and clean grill and drip tray every day. When replacing drip tray, be sure to position drainage hole over water outlet.
Regularly check that water drainpipe is not bent and is flowing freely.
Either a filter or softener will have been fitted to the water inlet for purification:· Water filter – replace cartridge when water starts to slow.· Water softener – regularly replace water softener with table salt and back flush according to instructions. Frequency depends on how much you are using the machine, and the water quality in your area. A rough guide is to recharge every 1000-1200 litres of water processed.

Mix dairy cleaner according to instructions.
Insert suction tube of auto frother into dairy cleaner solution.
Activate auto frother and catch drawn solution into an empty container tall enough to control splatter, and of at least equal capacity as solution container.
Rinse by inserting suction tube into 1 litre of clean cold water. Activate auto frother and let entire litre pass through it.
Mix dairy cleaner according to instructions.
Dip steam tube into solution, and allow to soak for 3-5 minutes.
Rinse by dipping in clean water, and activate steam for five seconds.
Remove clean water, direct steam tube into drain tray and activate steam to blow tube dry.


You can avoid a costly call-out by doing a few simple checks, before phoning a technician:

No power Check mains supply Reset power
Check wall socket with another appliance Replace plug or repair wall socket
Wall point overloaded with too many plugs Remove one or more plugs
No water Check mains supply Reconnect supply
Check that stopcock is open Open stopcock
Water filter levers turned off Turn levers to ON position
Reduced water supply Water filter cartridge needs replacing Replace cartridge
Leaking machine Check drain pipe to make sure it is not bent or blocked Clear blockage and straighten pipe
Check drainage tray to ensure drain holes line up with sump Remove and replace tray correctly
Machine is not level Adjust feet until machine is level
Coffee overflows filter holder Clean group head with blind filter and detergent.
Make sure filter holder rim is clean. Make sure filter holder fits correctly, and tighten firmly
Coffee runs too slowly Coffee grind too fine Adjust grind
Dirty filter or shower head Remove and soak in detergent
Coffee tamped too hard Apply less tamper pressure
Too much ground coffee Use correct coffee measure
Coffee runs too fast Coffee grind too coarse Adjust grinder
Coffee tamped too lightly Apply more tamper pressure
Too little ground coffee Use correct coffee measure
Coffee overflows More than one filter paper being used >Use only one filter paper
Filter paper is blocking outlet hole Replace spacer frame in filter holder
Coffee too weak Water bypassing incorrectly fitted filter paper

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