Green Tea Purple Rose

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Delicately flavoured and refined green and white teas are held in high esteem by tea lovers. The sophisticated art of flavouring tea that Hälsson & Lyon has perfected for almost 50 years as well as the base of high-quality green and white teas we use guarantee our customers a select, first-class product. A particularly good base for flavoured green teas is Chinese Sencha, on which the ingredients spread evenly and can develop their full flavour. The temperature of the water should be about 90 degrees and the brewing time should not exceed two to three minutes. Like all green teas, the leaves can be brewed several times – to your personal liking.

  • Ingredients: China Sencha green tea (83 %), papaya pieces (papaya, sugar) (10 %), flavourings, rose petals, strawberry pieces
  • Brewing Instructions:

    • Steeping Temperature: 90 degrees celcius
    • Infuse Time: 2-4 Min
    • Weight: 125grams