Teapot Cast Iron 1lt Round

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Avid tea brewers believe the best tea is made in Tetsubin teapots and because this teapot is made with natural iron, the water boiled in them gives off a unique taste, resulting in the tea brewed to taste better than when brewed in other teapots or kettles. These cast iron teapots allowed the people of that time to keep the water warm so they could pour the water over the loose tea leaves. This has led to the Tetsubin becoming a part of traditional Japanese Tea Ceremonies.

  • Capacity: 1lt
  • Cast Iron lid and handle
  • Interior: porcelain enamel coating
  • Exterior: Matt baked enamel
  • Dimensions: 125mmx110mm

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea in a Cast Iron Teapot:

    • Warm the cast iron teapot with warm water. This reduces the chance of thermal shock to the enamel surface.
    • Place your loose leaf tea in the infuser – measure around 1 teaspoon per 200ml of water
    • Boil water in a kettle, add the hot water to the teapot ensuring to cover the loose leaf tea in the infuser, and put on the lid
    • Steep for a few minutes – this will vary depending on the variety of tea, and your own preferences of strength
    • Remove the infuser