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Ethiopian Washed Sidamo Organic

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This Sidamo coffee comes from the Kelenso Mokanisa cooperative in the district of Bule Hora. The cooperative has 1551 members of whom 1464 are men and 47 women. All together, they produce approximately 2304 tons of coffee per year. After the cherries are picked, they are pulped immediately. Subsequently, the seeds are fermented in water for a number of hours (depending on type of coffee, region, temperature) to remove the mucilage layer of the beans. This process needs to have careful attention as when the process is followed correctly, unfavourable cup characteristics will develop. Once fermentation has completed, the coffee is directed through long troughs, where the coffee is washed’ to separate defected beans and foreign matter. The coffee is then placed on drying beds. With careful attention, the beans are turned every few hours to insure even drying. This Sidamo has a fruity fragrance with some floral, has a good balance in body and acidity, is fruity, with tones of cocoa, coffee flower and a apricot aftertaste.