Matcha is a green powdered tea produced by finely grinding Tencha leaves. Tencha is a rare type of tea, shaded for long periods and only harvested once a year to protect the tea bushes. As a fine powder infused in liquid, the whole leaf with all the essential nutrients is drunk rather than being thrown away as with other teas. Matcha is known as the exquisite tea, which is used for the Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Taste: Sweet/Mild
  • 30 gram sealed tin.

For the perfect Matcha you need 80°C hot water. The best way to get the requested temperature is to cool down the boiled water for 5 minutes with lid open.


  • Put 1g Matcha (2 bamboo spoons respectively 1/2 teaspoon) into a Matcha bowl.
  • Brew with 100ml hot (80°C) water and whisk foamy with a Matcha broom.


Premium Japanese Matcha Organic

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