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Black Teas

Peacock takes great pride in bringing you an extensive range of Black Teas sourced from the World’s best tea gardens.

Assam, where the indigenous tea tree grows wild, is the largest tea growing area in India. Assam tea is rich and full bodied with a pungent character. The best quality tea is a rich golden brown colour in the cup and is used in many top quality blends.
The finest of Indian teas is grown on the slopes of the Himalayan foothills in the northeast of the country. Darjeeling has two distinct harvest periods, known as 1st & 2nd Flush, Teas from the first flush have a light, fresh and flowery flavour, whereas teas from the 2nd flush have a strong, full and very aromatic flavour.
This fine tea spoils easily if the leaves are allowed to stew in the pot. For best results use a tea infuser and remove the leaves from the pot when the brew is just right.We stock two teas from the Darjeeling region:

Darjeeling TGFOP1 a 1st flush tea, it is smooth, flowery and full of flavour.

Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Margaret’s Hope a 2nd flush tea from one of the regions best gardens. It has a flowery flavour and delicate fragrance.

This tea is a close relative of tea grown in Assam. It comes from the island of Sri Lanka and is probably the most widely known tea in the world. Ceylon teas of quality yield a strong beverage with a good flavour, highly recommended by our tea tasters. We also stock a Ceylon Leaf Decaffeinated Tea, which is a full-bodied tea decaffeinated in a gentle process using pressurized CO2 and no solvents.
JAVA OP Malabar
A tea from the island of Java with an aromatic, slightly sweet flavour, which is low in tannin.

China Teas

The Chinese tea tradition is the oldest in the world. Black tea originates from China and is considered especially mild and appetizing. In addition to black teas, China also produces green teas, which are predominantly drunk in China, Oolong teas, Jasmines and Pu Erh teas.

Our Chinese black teas are:

Keemun OP a dark cup and a soft taste, low in tannins. Suitable for tea beginners.

Lapsang Souchong The tea originated in the South China province of Fujian. This large leafed tea is rich, syrupy and smoky and makes a delightful blend if you add a little to your usual tea. The tea being fired over pinewoods, grown in the region, causes the smoky taste.

This is an orthodox tea from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro with white tips, a typical strong and aromatic flavour and a copper red cup. Highly recommended by our tea tasters.
Nilgiri TGFOP1 THIASHOLA Organic
This premium organic tea from the Nilgiri highlands in Southern India has an agreeably and yet surprisingly aromatic flavour.

Green Teas

Peacock brings you a range of green teas from the two main producing countries, China and Japan. Unlike black teas, green teas are not fermented making them particularly gentle and wholesome. Colour varies from light green to silvery or dark emerald. The infusion has a light colour. The flavour ranges from mildly astringent to agreeable sweet and aromatic – depending on type and preparation. Green teas are best consumed without milk.

A green tea where large leaves are rolled into small pellets before partial firing. Rolling the leaves forces the flavourful juices to the surface. The Chinese name for Gunpowder tea is Siaou Chu, which means large leaf. This delicious tea has a slightly bitter and refreshing flavour and is ideal for the health conscious person.
Traditional Pouchong jasmine tea with jasmine flowers. An excellent cup with a light jasmine taste.
A classic green tea characterized by an amber colour in the cup and a long leaf. It has a slightly harsh yet agreeable flavour.
Traditional Chun Mee with a mild spicy flavour and a golden cup. When translated Chun Mee means “eyebrow” which perfectly what the jade coloured dry leaf looks like.
China Yunnan FOP
A top quality Yunnan with a wavy, light green leaf and a fresh strong character.
Teas from Japan are exclusively green unfermented teas, the must popular of which is the Sencha variety, the everyday tea in Japan. Our Japanese Sencha grown on the slopes of Mount Fuji represents a classic, top quality tea has a dark green leaf and a pleasant flavour. Highly recommended by our tea tasters.
Matcha is a green powdered tea produced by finely grinding Tencha leaves. Tencha is a rare type of tea, shaded for long periods and only harvested once a year to protect the tea bushes. As a fine powder infused in liquid, the whole leaf with all the essential nutrients is drunk rather than being thrown away as with other teas. Matcha is known as the exquisite tea, which is used for the Japanese tea ceremony. When using the correct Matcha accessories, this delicious tea will taste better than anything you have tasted before.The production procedure to produce Matcha has not changed for 800 years, the finest tealeaves of the highest quality are handpicked, carefully steamed, dried and then stone ground using a flint mill to produce this precious tea. It takes the mill one hour to produce enough tea for our 30-gram tin.

The exclusivity and rareness of this tea makes it the most expensive of all our teas.

The tea is prepared as follows:
Place 1 teaspoon of Matcha in a Matcha bowl, add 100ml of hot simmering water (80 degrees C.) and briskly whisk for 30 seconds using a Matcha whisk.

We are proud to be able to bring you this tea available both in a 30-gram sealed tin, and in a Matcha set containing a 30-gram tin of Matcha together with a traditional handmade Matcha bowl and a Matcha whisk (correctly called a Chasen).

As part of our mission to bring you the most extensive range of teas available in South Africa, our tea tasters have searched the World to find those rare or unusual teas not normally available. We are proud to be able to bring you the following:


The fermentation process of Oolong teas is not complete hence they only partly fermented. As a result the tea has a gorgeous flavour, which optically and taste wise lie between black and green teas. The degree of fermentation is decided upon by the tea estate, and traditionally will be between 30 and 70 percent, thus not all Oolongs are the same. Our tea tasters have sourced two teas that reflect the true nature and flavour of a superior Oolong.

We offer:

Low in tannin, this tea from the Island of Taiwan has a slightly sweet flavour and an elegantly flowery, peachy character. Highly recommended by our tea tasters.
An earthy, slightly sweet and light tasting organic tea that is low in tannin.

White Teas

White teas are in fact a green tea, however they are picked why the bud is at its youngest, unopened and covered in a silvery down, often at night before the morning sun opens the bud. After picking the bud and leave are wilted in moderate sunlight, heated and then air-dried again. These teas are the noble and mild varieties in the world.

We offer:

This variety is distinguished by its many white tips that gives this tea its typical appearance and the wonderful mild aroma.
Pu Erh
A unique black tea that undergoes a second fermentation process. It gets its name from a region in the Yunnan province, China, where the unique soil conditions gives the brewed tea a dark red appearance and an earthy taste. A scientific test on the tea have found it beneficial in reducing cholesterol, and is recommended as a tea to have after a heavy meal.
Yellow Tea
In China Yellow tea belongs to the group of teas with the oldest tradition- some of the most precious of all Chinese Teas rank among them.

Tea Flowers

Flowering tea is a tea, which is packaged, in a tightly furled ball, which uncurls when the tea is placed in hot water, revealing a flower or fanciful scene created by the artfully arranged tealeaves. Most flowering teas are made with black, green, or oolong tea, and many of them include dried flowers to add color to the floral arrangement when it “blooms” in the teapot. Although you might think it was an ancient tradition, given the Asian love for both tea and flowers, flowering tea appears to be a development of the 1980s. It seems to have originated in China, and it became very popular in the West in the early 2000s, around the same time that Asian-style foods and décor also started to become very trendy. Chinese tea companies produce a range of flowering teas, including flowers, which are assembled and sewn by hand by artisans.

You may hear flowering tea referred to as performance tea, blooming tea, or decorative tea, referencing the beauty of the flower as it unfurls. Most people prefer to brew flowering tea in glass teapots or teapots made from other clear materials so that they can see the flower clearly. It can also be brewed in large clear or white cups, although most flowering teas are designed to provide multiple servings, so a single cup could end up being too strong.

Most flowering teas develop into fanciful flower shapes when they are brewed, with the tea forming the “leaves,” and dried flowers unfurling inside. It is also possible to create delicate little sceneswith tea, when someone who is skilled with flowering teas, so the tea might unfurl to reveal a sailing ship or another decorative object handles the tea. After flowering tea has been brewed, it can usually withstand two to three additional brewing, although the flavour may weaken. Some flowering teas also become bitter when they are steeped repeatedly.

China Fortune Balls
This green tea has been shaped by hand into a ball that reveals a yellow-orange or pink flower when infusing.
China Jasmine Dragn Phoenix Pearl
This jasmine tea is of top quality. It has fine leaves rolled into balls and a typical jasmine

Other Flowering teas are; Pagoda – an elegant black Yunnan tea that is tied by hand into a Pagoda shape, and, White Bow Organic – a rare White tea to shaped by hand and to which Lily and Jasmine blossoms are added.

Peacock’s Blended Teas

Our experienced Tea Tasters have for the past forty years been hard at work developing the finest tea blends for your satisfaction. We bring you the following:

A blend of full bodied Darjeeling and thick rich Assam tea.
Blended from the finest Indian and Ceylon teas. Good strong traditional tea to get you going in the morning and typically served with milk and sugar.
Fine broken tea. Very strong flavour. Suitable for drinking with milk and sugar.
A strong Ceylon/Assam blend with golden tips, a copper-coloured cup with a strong flavour. The ideal afternoon tea.
A peacock specialty, using the finest Ceylon teas and blended with teas from Mount Kilimanjara, Kenya. A perfect tea for all day drinking; enjoy with milk and sugar.
Originally blended for a famous hostess of the same name. An exquisite blend of the finest China, Indian and Ceylon teas for that very special occasion.
The term Orange Pekoe denotes the grade of tea and should not be confused with the flavour. This tea is a blend of Indian, Ceylon and African teas and is normally served with milk and sugar. Good and strong.
Our house blend, that offers a good quality tea at exceptional value. A Blend of Ceylon, Assam and South African teas.

Peacock Traditional Blend

This blend is a treasure for connoisseurs, produced to a traditional recipe. The blend only uses the highest quality leave tea.

A delightful blend of China and African tea. Delicate taste and light in colour. SOUTH AFRICAN & ZIMBABWE Teas from Southern Africa are known as Ceylon type teas and have the same characteristics as tea from Sri Lanka. They sometimes lack the body and flavour of Ceylon tea due to soil conditions and the lower African rainfall.

Peacock’s Flavoured & Herbal Teas

Earl Grey
The Chinese have produced scented teas for centuries and Earl Grey is the most famous. A Chinese Mandarin gave the recipe to the second Earl Grey in 1830. The distinctive aroma arises from oil of bergamot, a citrus derivative, which has been added to a black China tea. It is a delightfully refreshing tea.
Christmas Tea
Black Tea (66%), orange peel, rose blossom leaves, flavour, cloves,
Cardamom powder, vanilla bits. (Note contains nuts.)
Oriental Spice
Spicy flavoured black tea blend with spices – Black tea (66%), orange peel, ginger pieces,
Cinnamon pieces, flavouring, cardamom seeds, vanilla pieces.
China Rose
Blended with rose petals this black tea has a lovely aromatic and floral
character. Black tea & rose petals
Lemon Organic
Black Tea (88%) lemon peels, lemongrass, citrus flavouring
All ingredients from organic cultivation
Black Tea (92%) with Lichee Pieces & flavouring.
Black Tea (92%) natural flavouring, sunflower petals
Black tea (92%), apple pieces, flavouring.
Black tea (91%),mango pieces (mango, sugar), flavouring, sunflower petals.
Chai Organic
Black tea (91%),cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper, cardamom

All ingredients from organic cultivation.

Flavoured Green Teas

Gunpowder Mint
China Gunpowder Tea Flavoured with Spearmint.
1001 nights
Green & Black Yunnan tea, jasmine & sunflower blossoms, rose blossom leaves.
Sencha Lemon Sicilia
Sencha Tea, lemon peels, lemongrass, lime wedges, lemon granulates.
Sencha Ole
Sencha Tea, Almond bits, bee pollen granulates, sunflowers and cornflower blossoms. (Note contains nut products).
Sencha Royal
Sencha Tea, papaya pieces (papaya,sugar), flavouring, rose petals, peony petals.
Sencha Orange
Sencha Tea, flavouring, orange petals.
Sencha Wild Cherry
Sencha Tea, cranberries pieces, (cranberries, sugar, vegetable oil), flavouring.
Sencha Cranberry Dream
Sencha Tea, flavouring, cranberry bits, cornflower blossoms, sunflower blossoms.
Tropical Garden
Sencha Tea, papaya & mango bits, rose buds, flavouring, rose blossom leaves.
Pineapple & Ginger
Sencha Tea, lemongrass, pineapple bits, flavouring, liquorice, ginger, peppermint, lemon peels, pepper.
Myriad of Falling Stars
Sencha Tea, lemon wedges, white chocolate stars, crisped mint, orange blossoms, flavouring. (Note contains milk products).

Herbal Teas

Ice Breaker
Hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, rosehip seed, peppermint, blackberry leaves, lemongrass.
Flower Dance
Blackberry leaves, raspberry leaves, rosehip peel, orange peel, sunflower petals, rose petals, sage leaves, lavender flowers.
Evening Lights
Rosehip peel, silver lime, liquorice, strawberry leaves, marigold blossoms, peppermint, hawthorn blossoms, camomile, rose blossom leaves, crisped mint.
Organic End of Day
Lemongrass, crisped mint, apple bits, camomile blossoms, peppermint leaves, strawberry leaves, fennel, lime tree & marigold blossoms.
All ingredients from organic cultivation.
Lemon Chai
Cassia bits, lemongrass, coconut chips, pineapple bits, pepper, ginger bits, cardamom, cloves, flavouring.
Rooibos (the Red Bush) grows in the Cedar Mountains and is only found in South Africa. It is famous world wide for its health benefits and is naturally sweet and caffeine-free. Our Rooibos is top quality export grade.
Rooibos Organic
From certified organic production.
Flavoured Rooibos
Available in the following flavours: Lemon, Honey, Blackcurrant, Vanilla, Orange and Creamy Caramel.
Rooibos Herbal Mix
Rooibos, fennel seed, liquorice, verbena, peppermint, blackberry leaves and cinnamon pieces.
Honey Bush
Originates from the Mountains of the Western Cape and naturally produces yellow blossoms. Like Rooibos it is caffeine-free.
Is a national beverage in South America and from leaves of “llex paraguayiensis” plant. It has a stimulating effect and a high caffeine level.

Organic Ayuvitalian Tea

The fundamental aim of ayurveda is to bring your body and soul as closely as possible into balance. Inner peace and stability generate the required forces to conquer the various challenges of life. Our organic teas are based on this ayurvedic doctrine. Teas from controlled organic cultivation are produced in accordance with the directives of the EU organic regulation 834/2007. The code number of the control body is DE-001.

Tea for Women
Contains orange peels, cassia bits, liquorice, lemon peels and pepper.
Good Recuperation
Contains cassia bits, liquorice, ginger, cloves and pepper.
Ginger Fresh
Contains lemongrass, liquorice, ginger, peppermint, lemon peels.
Contains fennel, cassia bits, ginger, liquorice, lemongrass, pepper, peppermint, cloves & parsley.
Free & Easy Breathing
Contains liquorice, peppermint, ginger, pimento, parsley, fennel, cloves and basil.
Contains liquorice, orange peels, cassia bits, lemongrass, peppermint and lemon balm.
Yarishi Ashwinin’s Original Spice Blend
Contains cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and black pepper,
(Preparation: use one tablespoon of tea for one litre of water. Boil for 20-25 minutes at a low temperature. Pour the tea through a colander. To smoothen the spiciness we advise you to add milk or fruit juice.)Fruit Infusions: blended in Germany from the finest ingredients.
Berries of the Forest
Contains: Hibiscus petals, elderberries, rosehip peel, blackcurrants, blackberry leaves, strawberry slices, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries.
Contains: Hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, apple pieces, morello cherries, rose petals.
Contains: Hibiscus petals, pineapple pieces, currants, papaya pieces, sunflowers.
Contains: Hibiscus petals, apple pieces, mango pieces, papaya pieces, sunflowers.
Strawberry Fields
Contains: Hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, orange peel, apple pomace, blackberry leaves, strawberry granules, strawberries, citric acid, safflowers.

To make Fruit Infusions
Use a Teapot with an infuser, add one teaspoon of infusion per cup.
Boil water (250ml per cup) and pour into teapot, allow to seep for 7/8 minutes, add Sugar if required.

China Fortune Balls
This green tea has been shaped by hand into a ball that reveals a yellow-orange or pink flower when infusing.
China Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl
This jasmine tea is of top quality. It has fine leaves rolled into balls and a typical jasmine