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Our Company founded in mid 1960’s has built its reputation on supplying the best quality Gourmet Arabica Coffee available from the Worlds Coffee growing regions.

At our Roasting plant in the Western Cape we strive to bring you the finest Coffee the World has to offer, a product that will tantalise the most discerning palette.

We believe that to achieve full satisfaction from what has been described as “Black Gold” you need a fresh product, not something that has been sitting on a Supermarket shelve for extended periods, or roasted at an overseas plant and shipped to South Africa attempting to convince you that freshness can be maintained within the packaging, and as it is roasted using “superior beans” it must be better, we have all seen the premium price this so called better Coffee hopes to achieve.

The truth is that all Gourmet Coffee Roasters use the same beans, it’s the freshness that counts, Coffee no matter how it is packaged or stored needs to be used within two months of roasting, after which time it will become stale and tasteless.

When you order your coffee from Peacock we will roast your preference, then allow a couple of days for degassing before packing and dispatch, so you are always guaranteed to receive the freshest product available.

What’s The Best Coffee?

Experts will agree when a particular coffee is “quality,” that its characteristics meet the expectations of coffee grown in that particular region, but if we ask fifteen different coffee connoisseurs which is the best coffee, we’ll get fifteen wildly variant answers. That’s because there is no “best” coffee—it’s just a question of what characteristics you like in a coffee.

There are four aspects of coffee that are generally talked about: aroma, flavor, acidity, and body.


Slightly more than just the smell, aroma refers to the sensation of gasses released from the brewed coffee. Aroma can be thought of as your “first impression” of the coffee. Aromas are typically described as floral, fruity, or herbal.


A somewhat ambiguous term, flavor is what happens when the particular aroma, body, and acidity of a coffee combine inside your mouth. Richness, complexity, and balance are words used to describe flavor. Flavor can also refer to a specific taste that may be present in the coffee such as nutty, musty, or spicy.


Acidity is a pleasant tanginess felt under the edges of your tongue as you taste a coffee. Not to be mistaken for the kind of acidity in orange juice that can cause an upset stomach, acidity in coffee is a good thing that can be described as giving the coffee a sense of “bite.” Bright, sharp, dry, vibrant, and wine-like are some words that refer to acidity.


The sense of a coffee’s weight and texture, perceived at the back of the tongue, is called body. Some coffees feel very light and fluid, while others feels slower, heavy and thick.

It is however, all about personnel preference, all our coffees conform to the expert’s definition of a great coffee, but it is ultimately about what you like, what personally suits you.

So, our advise is open your minds, experience different coffees and their unique taste profiles and find that one great coffee that suits you.

Our online shop offers you 30 different coffees, representing the World’s best offering; we support such initiatives as “Bird Friendly”, “The Rain Forest Alliance”, “Fair Trade” and “Organic Grown”.

We at Peacock are dedicated to bring you the “perfect cup”, satisfaction is guaranteed.

The World’s coffee growing regions:

Selecting the prefect coffee is only part of the story; the next step is to select the perfect grind to suit your coffee preparation.

The ideal is to buy whole beans and grind as required thus preserving the ultimate flavor that the “bean” has to offer, for the coffee entrepreneur our shop offers a range of grinders and Bean to Cup Machines.

We can however offer the following grinds to suit your personnel preference:

Coarse – Very distinct particles of coffee. Like heavy-Grained kosher salt. Downright chunky.
Ideal for Coffee Plungers Retail – Midway between Coarse and Medium. Ideal for the customer that uses either Plungers or a coffee percolator machine.

Medium – Gritty, like coarse sand. Ideal for coffee machines and domestic espresso machines.

Fine – Smoother to the touch, a little finer than granular sugar or table salt. Ideal for Industrial Espresso machines or Domestic Espresso Machines with a 15 Bar pump.

Turkish – Powdered, like flour. Most inexpensive (blade) Grinders will be unable to grind this finely, but we can. The only use is the Ibrik.

To get the best from your coffee it is important that you select the right grind for your application, need advice then go to “Coffee questions”.