STRONG - Peacock


Many people say that they like “strong coffee” but this term needs to be pulled apart a bit to have any meaning. Some origins can be more pungent or intense than others, usually due to the processing methods or the preparation. Dry-processed coffees will in general have more earthy and potentially wild flavours. Aged coffees definitely have strong flavours – pleasant to some, not so much to others. Strong is in opposition to “weak” and can only mean brew strength, the intensity of the brewed coffee, if it is brewed in a more concentrated way, with too much ground coffee in respect to the amount of water used. Espresso is obviously one of the strongest coffee drinks since by definition it is a coffee extract, i.e. very little water in proportion to a large dose of coffee. Strong might also be interchangeable with “Bold”, another vague descriptor and both of these could also refer to a dark roast level.