CITY + ROAST - Peacock


City+ roast is an ideal roast level that occurs roughly between 218 and 224 degrees Fahrenheit in many coffee roasters with a responsive bean probe where First Crack starts in the 202 to 207 degree range. also called a medium roast. This range of roast temperatures is after City roast (hence the + !) and indicates that the coffee has been allowed to develop further, anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute or more depending on roast method, after the last “pop” of First Crack was heard. These times and heat ranges vary greatly depending on the roast machine and green coffee. The benefits of City+ roasts is the balance between moderate roast flavor and the origin flavor of the green bean; astringent, sour or “baked” light roast flavors are reduced, yet the flavors specific to a particular coffee lot are still expressed in the cup flavor. City+ has a brown color and may not yet have the smooth surface that comes as further browning and bean expansion occur as the coffee approaches 2nd crack. All Peacock Roasts are Medium Roasts, with the exception of Espresso Coffee and French Roast.