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Brilliance is a fully automatic espresso machine that gives you a selection of hot drinks. Naturally, you get a good espresso with a perfect crema. You also get cappuccino, latte macchiato or why not a cup of hotchocolate, to name a few. How do you make your coffee?

Well, just push the button,and enjoy the drink you selected.

It is that easy!

Brilliance has a built-in grinder, a large bean hopper for espresso beans and a canister for toppings and chocolate. That is up to 7 drink alternatives, as well as tea water. Thanks to the use of topping, the machine is very simple to handle and even clean.


  • Automatic water filling
  • Brews with 9 bars of pressure
  • Brews approx. 100 espresso/hr
  • The bean hopper holds approx. 2kg
  • Illuminated display
  • Can be with various payment systems
  • Smartcard function
  • Base cabinet and water are available as accessories

  • Model – Brilliance
  • Water Refill – Automatic
  • Ingredient Canister – 1 hopper + 2 canisters
  • Capacity (approx.) – 250 cups espresso/refill


  • Model – Brilliance 230
  • Power supply – V IN/1250W Cold
  • Water connection – water 1/2” R*
  • Width mm – 394
  • Depth mm – 474
  • Height mm – 664

If you have any enquiries you can just get in touch with us:

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Cape Town:
Cyril Masiza
+27 (0)76 889 9812 / cyril.masiza@artscoffee.co.za

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+27 (0)83 289 6155 / mikedb@peacock.co.za