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The Zimbabwe Smaldeel Estate has been around for over 100 years. The name “Smaldeel” is a Dutch word meaning “the narrow portion” and was given to the farm by early settlers. The estate is located on the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. The cool, wet climate, paired with high altitudes, makes this land ideal for high volume coffee production. The Smaldeel estate, which is now owned by Makandi Estates (Pvt.) Limited, had first started cultivating coffee in 1959. The estate cultivates approximately 200 hectares of land at an altitude of around 1,100 meters above sea level. What’s unique about the Smaldeel Estate is that they provide proper housing and a health clinic for its employees.

Tasting Notes:

A different spin on the Tanzanian and Kenyan cup profile – I would call it very similar to either with its own little unique spin. Good body and clean with a bit higher acidity than most central or south American coffees. Very sweet and complex with a bit of an herbally note.  nice sour apple acidity mixing with sweet complex almost malty chocolate tones.


Zimbabwe Smaldeel Estate AA

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