GAT Double Coffee Maker

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Made in Italy

Size: 2 Cups (Espresso)
Suitable for all types of heat source except electric plate induction.

The GAT Double Coffee Maker is made of Stainless Steel (upper boiler) and Aluminium (bottom boiler). With the double erogator tubes, you can prepare a real Italian espresso quickly and easy into the cups.

The process of making coffee is extremely simple: pour the water into the lower boiler below the safety valve, place the funnel in the boiler, then fill it with ground coffee – do not press the coffee powder firmly, it should be rather loose in the funnel.

Screw on the upper boiler with the bottom and place on the stove at a moderate heat so as not to burn the bottom of the coffee maker. Place cups under the tubes. After a few minutes the coffee will be ready for tasting.