The Bialetti Black Omino Plastic Pour Over Filter (2 Cup) offers functional and technical design for those that desire a more fundamental and controlled brewing method.
Light-weight and easy to hook with the ergonomic handle, this little masterpiece is great company when camping. Designed for medium to fine grind coffee. The Italian twist on an emerging trend. For best results, use a gooseneck kettle for a more precise pour. Eyelet hole in the foot of the coffee filter slowly filters the water for a longer extraction.

Features and Care:

  • Remove all labels and packaging
  • Wash before first use with warm soapy water
  • Dishwasher safe – hand wash recommended
  • Do not use steel wool or abrasive agents to clean
  • To use:

  • Fold the edge of the paper filter and place into Pour Over Filter.
  • Put the Pour Over Filter onto your cup.
  • Pour medium to fine grind coffee into the filter paper.
  • Boil your kettle – we advise using a goose neck kettle for a more precise pour.
  • Slowly pour water onto the ground coffee with circular motions until the coffee is completely submerged inside the filter.
  • The coffee will then bloom and the water start to pass through the filter.
  • Wait until the water has completely passed through – you can top up with more water if desired.
  • Enjoy your coffee
  • Bialetti Pour Over 2 cup Black

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