Russell Hobbs Cafe Milano

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Illuminated one-touch operation for single-cup espresso, double-cup espresso, cappuccino, latte, milk foam and self-cleaning adjustable drip tray for both small and large cup sizes
20-20 bar Defond pump, thermo block heating element and S.S. water pipe heating system
Innovative Capsule porta filter Adaptor-Nespresso Compatible Only
PCB electronic controller to ensure more accurate beverage temperature
flow meter to ensure an accurate coffee flow
Detachable milk frothing device and transparent milk tank for easy cleaning and storage
1.2-liter detachable transparent water tank
removable drip tray with S.S. cover for easy clean-up
with overheating and over-pressure protection
1 cup and 2 cups S.S. coffee sieve, coffee spoon with tamper

Care instructions:

Ensure the product has sufficient water in the tank prior to use to prevent errors and damage
Regular emptying of the drip trip tray will limit overflow and spillage
The quick clean of the milk tank system should be carried out after every use so that no milk residue remains in the system and builds up residue, which can cause blockage and damage to the product

Power rating: 220-240V, 50Hz, 1145-1360W
for domestic use only