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Unlike standard capsule machines, Blume pro capsule machine uses a 2-step brewing process: 

Step 1, known to baristas and coffee pros as “pre-infusion” or “blooming”, gently saturates the coffee before, before Step 2, applying high pressure, together achieving a richer, tastier coffee with more crema.

The combination of Step 1 & Step 2 ensures an even extraction throughout the coffee bed when placed under pressure. Without pre-infusion, the coffee brews unevenly which can result in unpleasant acidity, bitterness, and dullness in the cup. Pre-infusion is found in premium coffee machines, such as the MORNING PRO CAPSULE MACHINE, that produce vibrant and harmonious coffee flavours due to their superior brewing technology and pre-infusion.

Most capsule machines apply a single phase of pressure resulting in uneven extractions, inconsistent and sub-optimal brews. In the case of light roasts, the coffee may taste sour or straw-like, and in the case of dark roasts – overly bitter or charred.

The Blume Pro Capsule machine’s is a step up from standard Nespresso-compatible capsule machines due to its 2-step brewing process producing richer flavour with more crema.

2 Steps to better coffee.


  • 3 pre-infusion/bloom settings. 0 sec, 1.5 sec or 3 sec. (e.g. Lighter roasts typically prefer a longer bloom vs. dark roasts)
  • 3 programmable volumetric settings for short (ristretto), medium (espresso) and long brews (lungo)
  • Adjustable brewing temperature (increase or decrease by 8 degrees C)


  • 0.7L water tank
  • Pump pressure: 15/20 bar
  • 3.2kg
  • 102mm x 355mm x 240mm
  • 220-240V~ 50-60Hz 1300-1500W