White Tea

White tea, like many others, has its roots in China and also boasts some amazing health benefits.

Over the years, white tea has been grown and produced in other parts of the East, including Nepal, Taiwan and even as far as India.

This tea is lightly oxidised, and much like oolong tea, it is allowed to wither under sunlight before being processed.

The array of benefits offered by white tea includes aiding in prevention of certain cancers, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as keeping the heart healthy.

Added to this, it also promotes strong bones, healthy teeth and gums as well as maintaining healthy, radiant skin.

The white tea options available through Peacock Tea & Coffee include Pai Mu Tan, White Dragon and the organic China White Wings teas.

Order white tea online through Peacock now, or feel free to drop in at any of our stores in the Western Cape to browse our gourmet coffees and exotic teas.

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