Herbal Tea

Herbal infusion, often referred to as herbal tea, is essentially not a tea at all - but an infusion of different spices, herbs and other plant material.

At Peacock Tea & Coffee, you will find an amazing range of herbal options that come with exceptional health benefits.

The Ayuvital products are specifically created with health benefits in mind - from a tea specifically for women, to the easy breathing, good recuperation and relaxation options.

The Camomile Blossoms herbal infusion is superb in aiding those suffering with insomnia, as camomile is known for its tranquilising effect to aid in helping you sleep.

You can also choose popular options such as Honey Bush Tea, Hibiscus Blossoms and peppermint to name just a few.

Whether you call it herbal infusion or herbal tea, you are certain to find a blend that suits your needs at Peacock.

Shop online now, or if you would like to discuss the blends and benefits, be sure to contact your nearest store to speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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