Black Tea

Peacock Tea & Coffee's black teas come in flavoured, tea bag and leaf options.

This strong tea is more oxidised than other teas such as green, white and oolong teas, and actually holds its flavour for a lengthy amount of time when compared to the others. Despite being called black tea, the leaves produce a strong red colour.

Our teabag brands include Assam, Ceylon, China Keemun, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Golden Pekoe and Pavane Orange to name just a few.

The flavoured black teas on offer include fruit flavours such as apple, apricot, coconut and almond, lemon and mango while you can also opt for organic and oriental flavours.

Should you be looking for loose leaves - you can choose the classic Assam or Ceylon leaves, along with many of our other special black teas including Darjeeling Flush, Dragonmoon, Kenya Marinyn or Peacock's own traditional blend.

Along with our teas, we also have accessories, kettles and pots on offer - so browse the selection online now or head into your nearest store.

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