Gourmet Coffee

Peacock Tea & Coffee is a leading supplier of gourmet coffee, selling both to the public and at a wholesale level.

Over the past 50 years, Peacock has done the leg work in searching the planet for the best quality coffee from some of the top growing regions.

Not only are we coffee experts, but coffee lovers as well - which is why we are proud to call ourselves a gourmet coffee supplier.

Gourmet coffee is essentially premium, speciality coffee - created with beans that have been expertly grown, before being processed by qualified, experienced and skilled roasters with attention to even the finest details.

This shines through when you enjoy a cup of coffee from Peacock, and is the reason why South Africans have continued to come back for refills for so many years.

You can simply browse our selection of gourmet coffees online and place your order, or walk into any of our stores across Cape Town.

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