Coffee Espresso

Peacock Tea & Coffee has become the renowned source of gourmet coffee in South Africa, which is why you can expect to find high quality espresso coffee on our shelves.

From our Espresso Blend, to exotic options such as Espresso Castinette and Italian Espresso, you will enjoy intense and incredible options.

Espresso is created by forcing water through finely grounded beans - allowing for a thicker, highly concentrated brew that is packed with intense flavour.

Espresso coffee is delicious on its own, but it also forms the base of a variety of coffee drinks, from caffe lattes to cappuccinos, macchiatos and mochas.

Along with our range of coffee options, Peacock Tea & Coffee also stocks high-end espresso machines and cups to cater for creating the perfect espresso.

Should you require any assistance in selecting an espresso coffee that will cater for your taste, feel free to contact any of our stores, or alternatively you can browse the selection online now and place an order.

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