Coffee Blends

Peacock Tea & Coffee's experts are continuously working to find new, delicious coffee blends for you to sample and savour.

Having searched the globe for the finest coffees on the planet, we have also experimented by creating some unique blends, as well as discovered some remarkable global blends.

Essentially, blends are made up by blending different types of beans, which can be found on various continents - which in turn can lead to more complex or balanced coffee flavours.

Blending also includes adding flavours to a coffee, while also creating signature blends or improving the quality and taste of certain beans.

Peacock Tea & Coffee boasts a large range of coffee blends, from our unique house blend to espresso blends, the popular Mocha Java and even holiday blends to mark a special occasion.

Take a look at our range of coffee blends and order online now, or alternatively you can contact any of our stores to discuss the different blends with one of our friendly consultants.

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